Pipeline & Utilities

Route maps, parcels, tracts, title, communication and record-keeping are important elements of any pipeline or utility project. 

We understand the importance of the accurate execution of these elements and our team has the proven track record, skills and tools to exceed expectations.  Beyond these elements, an integral part of Oil Land Services’ success is the genuine and personal connection made with each landowner affected by the project.

Featured Easement and Right-of-Way Project: Coastwide Reference Monitoring System (CRMS)

This project involved the evaluation, management and acquisition of approximately 600 remote biological monitoring sites, along with proper access, in a single project.  This project was for the Louisiana Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration under three separate contracts.  The project included ownership determinations, negotiations, document preparation, securing and reporting of all easements and rights-of-way for sites located along the entire coast of Louisiana. 

We are particularly proud of our team in navigating the many challenges to successfully complete this project.  One of the challenges, 100% accomplished, was to secure all of the desired landowner rights without monetary compensation.  Great negotiation skills team!

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