Oil Land Services is a Louisiana-based landman service company satisfying client needs across the country. 

Since 1977, companies of all sizes have entrusted projects large and small to our team of abstractors, landmen and right-of-way agents.  We provide complete land services to the oil, gas and energy industries, landowners, investors, governmental entities, pipeline companies and utility concerns.

We have grown from a one-landman shop to a team of land experts able to respond to client needs regardless of location.  Our dedication to the highest quality of work, diligently pursued, while always keeping the client’s interests as paramount distinguishes us from the crowd of landman companies.

Yes, we provide a full range of high quality professional land and project management services for all types of land projects.  But additionally, Oil Land Services excels in another way; we go beyond the usual landman abilities with our capability to utilize needed experts from other professions.  Let us know your project needs and we can identify and seamlessly utilize the needed experts in the related fields of appraisal, geology, engineering, environmental, and surveying on your next project.

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